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Discount for Kinokuniya Privilege Card Members


- As a Kinokuniya Privilege Card member, you are entitled to KPC Price. To enjoy the privilege, provide your valid card number & expiry date when you create an account.
- If you apply for your Kinokuniya Privilege Card after creating an online account, access “Your Account” from the top left hand “Your Page” button after login to your online account and provide your valid card number & expiry date to enjoy KPC Member Price. Please update your membership details after a renewal to continue enjoying Member Price online.
- Please allow 1-2 working days (Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays) for your in-store application/renewal membership to be valid online.
- For existing Kinokuniya Privilege Card members, if you are unable to input your valid Kinokuniya Privilege Card Number into ‘Your Account’ page, please input the following information into the ‘Remarks column’ within the ‘CHECK OUT’ page: your ‘Name on Card’ and the ‘KPC number’ (six-digits). Your membership discount will be applied during order processing after verification of your valid membership status with us. Please email us at with your Order No. for assistance with your online membership status.
- For members who have applied for or renewed your Kinokuniya Privilege Card membership via online payment, you will be able to enjoy your membership discount online immediately (Note: Application must be done under an activated Webstore account for immediate discount to apply). Please update your valid card number & expiry date in “Your Account” after receiving your card to continue enjoying KPC Member Price for your online purchases.