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Change in Shipping Address Format


Shipping Address

Dear Customers,

Shipping Address entry is changed from 18th September 2018:
Unit Number to be entered separately under Address line 3. It is a mandatory field.
Should a unit number not be applicable for your address, please enter ‘#’ in the field.

Orders placed before the change are not affected, and will be processed for delivery to their Shipping Address accordingly.

In line with the change in Shipping Address format, all your previously saved shipping addresses will be removed from 26th September 2018, except for addresses created since the change in format.

Should you wish to delete your existing saved shipping address before the system removal, you can do so under Your Account page after login to your Webstore account. Please note that such edits under Your Account page do not change submitted information for existing order(s). Please contact us should you need to change your Shipping Address for order(s) you have already placed.

Please ensure your Shipping Address are correct and complete during Check Out.

Incorrect/incomplete shipping address will result in delay in delivery, and/or return of your parcels. Such parcels have to be collected from our Administration Office upon return.

Should you require any assistance, please contact us at Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Kinokuniya Webstore Singapore Team